The ChefDivine Project

The ChefDivine Project is an innovative effort designed to highlight talented chefs and culinary artists through medium of photography. Its goal is to depict the special relationship between the dining customer and the “artist behind the plate.” The concept is based on the fact that a chef rarely sees the customer, and a customer rarely sees the chef – but they are both closely connected through the exquisite culinary creation they share.

Studies have shown that Canada’s restaurant industry generates at least $68 billion in annual sales, mainly because Canadians love good food and have discriminating tastes. Dining in a restaurant is the number one preferred activity for spending time with family and friends! Although they have their favourite restaurants and their favourite dishes, Canadians also love to explore new cuisines – especially when they are beautifully presented. The ChefDivine Project provides a unique opportunity for chefs to showcase their creations and for diners to meet the chefs – all through the art of photography.

Based in Montreal, The ChefDivine Project highlights both well-known chefs and emerging young talent. There is a careful selection process that celebrates unique flavors, surprising twists in traditional recipes and exquisite presentation. No fee is charge to participants; the primary purpose is to showcase chefs and culinary artists to the general public and promote an interest in the incredible talent that is involved with fine culinary arts.

Montreal Food Photographer

Commercial Photographer

Ali Rahimi is an award-winning, commercial photographer who has received accolades in top-rated hotels and restaurants worldwide and worked for years in Dubai. Recently, Ali established his food photography business in Montreal, Canada. The ChefDivine Project reflects his vision of a partnership between the chef, the diner and the photographer. It is a place where art photography becomes the liaison between high cuisine and discriminating tastes. To see more of his portfolio check out http://foodivine.ca

Catherine Zoueki Graphic Designer

Creative Designer and Food Blogger

Catherine Zoueki is the founder of Mauve Mango Creations Inc., a Creative Studio in Montreal specializing in graphic design. Her passion for food and travel has fueled her mission to spread the culinary pleasures she has experienced in restaurants around the world. Visit http://inmanybites.com to tickle your taste buds!

Josianne PR and Event Manager

Public Relation and Event Organizer

Josianne Isabel is a Montreal based consultant in corporate events. She is the founder of parJosianne.com, a blog in which she shares her experiences and best addresses for high end restaurants, escapades, special events, and other lifestyle discoveries.

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